HUD Certified Homebuyer Counseling

    Homebuyer Classes and Financial Literacy Workshops

  • First Time Home Buyer Class: This 12-hour course covers topics from the purchase agreement and disclosures to insurance, inspections, financing. Tuition is $75.00.
  • Financial Literacy Education Workshop: This workshop empowers students with tools to complete budgets and to exercise smart financial management and sets students on the way to building generational wealth. Tuition is $75.00.
  • Pre-purchase Counseling: One-on-one consultation with review of credit report. ($50.00)
  • Additional Credit Report at cost $12.50: Tri-merge soft touch report
  • HANO students must complete each service above to satisfy HANO requirements. Total cost $200.
  • Certified by the HUD and LHEC. Satisfies requirements of Office of Community Development and Finance New Orleans.
  • Virtual classes via Zoom. See the schedule below.

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All Classes Via Zoom

Homebuyer Class April 9, 2022 9:00-3:00
Financial Literacy Class TBD 9:00-2:00

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