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Hot Meals on Wheels

Chicken breast with potatoes...beef stew...spaghetti, how does that sound for lunch?  While it may sound like a menu at a fancy restaurant, this is actually the menu for Red Cross.  The organization provided hot meals on wheels throughout the neighborhood in the days following Hurricane Gustav and Ike. 


NENA Welcomes Ms. Juliette Allen Home!

Mr. Hall...Home at Last!

Mr. Hall and his now deceased wife Audrey lived in the Lower Ninth Ward in a home they owned for forty-seven years before Hurricane Katrina ravaged the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. Because of the storm, their house flooded and sustained heavy damage. Mr. Hall sought NENA's assistance and his case was assigned to a Case Manager. The Case Manager presented his case to Project Homecoming. (A ministry founded three years ago in partnership with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to rebuild the homes of elderly, disabled, and uninsured in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area whose homes were destroyed by the storm.)

NENA counseled Mr. Hall and monitored the case throughout the rebuilding process. NENA also provided volunteers and a new fence. NENA in collaboration with Project Homecoming, Salvation Army, Louisiana Green Corps, and the City of New Orleans Minor Repair Program contributed to the rebuilding of Mr. Hall's home.

Community Action Meeting in the Wake of Hurricane Gustav

There was no time for uncertaintly as Hurricane Gustav traveled closer to the Gulf Coast.  The community needed answers!  Just days before the storm made landfall, community officials and neighbors gathered at NENA to discuss evacuation plans for our neighbors, and preparedness plans for our government.  After the meeting, the NENA staff walked the neighborhood, passing out valuable information and encouraging residents to get their evacuation plans in order.     

Juliette Allen's face lights up when she speaks about her new home.  But times haven't always been so joyful!  A life-long resident of the lower 9th ward, Ms. Allen is the second generation to live in her home.  Like so many others, she lost all of her possessions when Hurricane Katrina flooded our community.  At the time of the storm, Ms. Allen was at Touro hospital with her sick husband.  The couple was rescued and sent to Texas, and then Idaho.  The couple came to NENA with hopes of finding assistance to rebuild their home...and their lives.  With NENA's help, Ms. Allen was able to get her home rebuilt and totally furnished!  Unfortunately, Ms. Allen is now a widow.  But she is happy to be back in the neighborhood she loves, and looks forward to the day when the Galvez bus will stop in front of her house again!

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·         The  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has approved NENA to be a Housing Counseling Agency.

·         You can register for disaster food stamps at NENA. One of our trained staff members will assist you.

·         Dr. King Charter School was the first school to open in the Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina.

·         NENA Community Meetings are scheduled every second Saturday of the month.

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